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Ina Gross Justice Project

Ina Gross Justice Project

Tom J (" I didn’t do it") Gross Fugitive Timeline:

This page is dedicated to informing the public regarding the progress authorities are making in Tom J Gross' (the fugitive) arrest, which is imminent, trial and subsequent incarceration. 

Welcome! I'm Tom J Gross Wanted for Murdering My Mother In Florida!

Walk with me as I take you into the mind of a matricidal sociopath: yep that's me! (In my opinion)

* 2011 37 years of Tom J Gross begging money from his parents

* 2011 Tom J Gross totally broke again...

* January 9, 2012 Ina Gross murdered while Tom J Gross is in her house

* January 9, 2012 Tom J Gross calls his family Lizbeth Benaim, Eytan Gross and Dror Gross (Picture above)

* January 15, 2012 Tom J Gross escapes to Israel

* July 4, 2014 Arrest warrant issued by Manatee County for Tom J Gross, charging him with first degree murder.

* July 5, 2014 Extradition proceedings begin 

* October 2014 Tom J Gross mumbles and pleads the 5th amendment for five hours during questions for a civil suit in Hillsborough County Florida. Tom Gross even pleaded the 5th when asked if was married, imagine that.

*January 2015 Tom J Gross mutters this classic to a local newspaper  “I didn’t do it, nor was I in any way, shape or form involved,” (Refer to Exhibit A for a rebuttal of this nonsense)

* July 21, 2017 Tom J Gross and Lizbeth Benaim aka Elizabeth Ben Naim miscalculate on an extortion scheme and demonstrate once again the inept nature of their collaboration. The loan for the adoption remains outstanding to the estate of Ina Gross.

* ??/??, 2017 Tom J Gross arrested. ( Tom J Gross' arrest is imminent, any day now) BY THE WAY THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR A MURDER WARRANT IN FLORIDA!